How to use Networking

A supportive system of sharing information and services among individuals and groups having a common interest: Working mothers in the community use networking to help themselves manage successfully.

2. the design, establishment, or utilization of a computer network.

3.any netlike combination of filaments, lines, veins, passages, or the like: a network of arteries; a network of sewers

Under the city.
4. Radio and Television .
A.a group of transmitting stations linked by wire or microwave relay so that the same program

Can be broadcast or telecast by all.
B.a company or organization that provides programs to be broadcast over these stations: She was

Hired by the network as program coordinator.
5.a system of interrelated buildings, offices, stations, etc., especially over a large

Area or throughout a country, territory, region, etc.: a network of supply depots.
6. Electricity. An arrangement of conducting elements, as resistors, capacitors, or inductors, connected by conducting wire.

7.a netting or net. Verb (used without object)

8. to cultivate people who can be helpful to one professionally, especially in finding employment or moving to a higher position:

His business lunches were taken up with networking. Verb (used with object) place (as a program from a local radio or television station) in or on a network: The station will try to network the local cooking show. connect to a network.

11. to distribute
Widely: We charge a small fee for networking your résumé. cover with or as if with a network: to network a bay with buoy markers.

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