Tally backup, Tally data backup and restoration

Hello friends, when you do Homework in tally software, can be coming problem in tally software or Data. That time very difficulty condition. I am disusing Tally backup, Tally data backup and restoration Data backup is most important for every accounting software. It is recommended to keep data’s on an external storage device like CD, USB Drive (Pen Drive or External Hard disk) etc.  I remember you, When you taking data backup attach only one external device.

There are two ways to take tally backup.

Tally Data backup

Open tally, go to company info menu, probably you will have to press Alt+F3 in case auto loading of company is enabled. Go to backup & Press enter

Company info »Backup

Back up screen will open

Select source, you don’t need to change this because by default this will be your Homework or office tally data directory folder. Press enter to allow cursor to come on next field. Now enter destination directory where you wish to store data back up on your computer, let’s store on D:\> Backup. Press enter you will prompt to select the company from a list on your right side. If you wish to take back up of all the company, select all. Press enter to accept the screen.

Open D\:> Backup; Make sure there is file starting with TBK Something like “TBK900.001” Copy this file to your external storage device. You are done.

Now Let us restore the data.

Go to    company info » Restore

Look screen Destination comes first where you want to restore Homework data. This must be your tally data folder. Now select source, where back up files located. Say G\:> Backup Now select companies you want to restore from a list on its right side. Press enter to accept the screen. Now Data backup complete

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