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Tally is the mostly use in India, For accounting, All tally users know about tally data, that how much Important tally data than other data. tally If any case tally data has corrupt. Can how many problems.

Tally being the leading accounting software company of India incorporates many inbuilt protections to protect the data from getting corrupted, data corruption is a common problem mainly any caused due to unexpected system shutdown, virus attacks, OS corruption, media corruption, power failure, or hard drive crashes, Since, Accounting data is very important for its users, however data can still get corrupted and Tally provides easy options to recover it.


When your Tally data gets corrupted you are shown an error message similar to this:-

“Exiting Tally,
File Damaged
File: ‘C:/Tally/Data/0001/Tr01324.500
Size;- 43136
Possition; 42880
Char;-128 (Done 128)”

If you receive an error similar to above type, then don’t worry, not more problems can you recover of tally data there are very chances of recovering your data. Losing only last few entries. For recovery from such situations Tally provides an easy company rewriting (can you talk tally customer care toll free number) option, which checks data files for valid entries and recreates the company profile with all the valid data it can recover. To use simply follow the instructions below, it is always better to make a backup of your Tally data folder before attempting any recovery process:

  1. Start Tally and goto Company Selection Screen.
  2. Now use Ctrl + Alt + R key combination to launch the Company Rewrite utility.tally_fix2
  3. Select the corrupt company profile (usually the one you were working last) and press Enter to start the rewrite process.tally_data_recovery3

This method solves 90% cases of tally data corruption.
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